Why is a Website Better than Facebook

While establishing a presence online as a business, organization, or individual it can be easy to set up a Facebook Business page and call it a day. Facebook has a massive user base consisting of 2.23 billion accounts, maintains and updates its mobile platform regularly, and most importantly is free.  Having a Facebook Business page is a very important tool and a great stepping stone. Why should you continue to dig in your heels and carve out a little place on the internet to call your own?

Facebook Tenant

If you are operating solely on Facebook, they are essentially your landlord. All the pages are uniform and have limited customization. You can hang your pictures on your wall, but you can’t knock the wall down and remodel your kitchen. Facebook does have a massive amount of traffic, its great real estate, you can think of this as having your office on the main thoroughfare. The issue is the roadside is so congested with other businesses. As you compete with the others, Facebook is efficiently playing both sides; charging premiums for targeted advertisements and featured posts. This breeds an extremely competitive ecosystem. As a result, your signage flickers on the roadside as people pass by. Although you don’t pay monthly, these premium weighted algorithms and advertisement are where Facebook makes its money.  To further complicate things, a typical user is spending 24% less time on the platform, effectively increasing the speed limit on your road. It’s now even more difficult for the passersby on their commute to discern your branding in the blur as they whiz by.

Owning a Homepage

Having your own website is akin to being a homeowner. There is far greater control. You can begin to truly embrace your brand identity and your homepage can finally feel like home. Because you have a tighter hold on the reins, you can better control your corporate image. By compartmentalizing your social media, you can still draw in clientele from your Facebook page to your website.  You can retain leads and more reliably reach your audience with marketing campaigns. Email marketing provides the largest return of investment. Remember that crowded street I alluded to previously? A traffic light has been installed in front of your business granting it more exposure. This is due to users having an opportunity to defer from the platform. Allowing you to put yourself in the spotlight and appear above the rest all while providing your users with a unique tailored experience.





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