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Choosing the Right Font for the Job.

Fonts are our handwriting, in this digital world we inhabit. They convey our characteristics to our readers. You often hear the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words”. Nine times out of ten this statement is true. The bold exception is when it comes to the right font to use. Choosing the right font for a […]

Why is a Website Better than Facebook

While establishing a presence online as a business, organization, or individual it can be easy to set up a Facebook Business page and call it a day. Facebook has a massive user base consisting of 2.23 billion accounts, maintains and updates its mobile platform regularly, and most importantly is free.  Having a Facebook Business page […]

Why are passwords so complicated? What can I do to remember them?

Today security is a major concern. Over the years, standards for passwords have gotten even more stringent with the inclusion of numbers and even symbols in password creation. You might wonder to yourself: Why the trend is steering us towards countless hard to recall, unsequential, and nonsensical sequences? What can I do about it? Probability: Making […]

We Are Fynyty Media: A Special Limited Time Offer

Fayetteville New Technology is now Fynyty Media LLC. We are eager to expand the scope of our services and further serve you with your individual media needs. Foiling upon Fayetteville’s motto Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow, our mission is to empower local businesses because The Future is Now. To celebrate this change we are excited to announce that we are offering a special limited time […]

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