5 Pinterest Tips for Business

5 Pinterest Tips for Your Business

Over the last few years Pinterest has always been the exception to all the rules of social media marketing. Things always work a little bit differently when it come to pinning your content. The platform is interesting in how it works and also its demographics skew differently than other social media sites.. If you have a business that caters to women in any way- you need to be on Pinterest. 42% of all women online are Pinterest users.

Tip #1: Always Pin from your website

Don’t upload your photos to Pinterest from your tablet or computer. The connection between your pins and your website is invaluable to getting traffic to your website content. If you have a blog or site getting visitors to read or even click on your content is a necessity. When a user clicks on your pins they can go directly to your page’s content and can explore it deeper within the web browser. Don’t forget to mention other posts or pages on your site to get a Pinterest visitor to explore your site further! Referral traffic from Pinterest  is often greater than traffic from other social media sources so take advantage of it!

Bonus: You can even integrate the Pin-it Button on your images to make it easier for visitors of your site submit content to Pinterest themselves. Always think about how you can leverage your audience to help promote your goals.

Tip #2:  Demonstrate your work

Don’t only show off your products or services, but demonstrate how you do something. Whatever your business is there is likely someone who wants to do it themselves. Pin every unique product you ship and show how you did it. If it’s easy then you have just marveled your audience at you cleverness. If it’s difficult… well you might have got yourself a new customer. They won’t want to go through the process if it’s more than just a few steps and might be more will to buy from you.

If you only sell products, not produce them- don’t worry! Show off how to use the product or pin photos of the product in action. Show off interesting ways of using your product through photos.

Bonus: Don’t only show off things business related. Show off personal projects too! Going off the beaten trail on Pinterest won’t hurt you at all. You might even gain some new followers that might not have discovered your usual boards in the first place.

 Tip #3: Be Social

Don’t forget it is called “Social Media”. Don’t be afraid to comment on other user’s pins. Just don’t forget to not be pushy, no-one likes a spam on their fruit salad pin (or real spam on real fruit salad, eww). Seeing your comments will lend validation to their post and pique their interest in your boards and pins. It will lend credibility to your page and make your business seem more friendly rather than a pure marketing ploy.

Social media is a huge part of your public relations. Always answer questions, address negative feedback positively, and be a happy face online 🙂

Tip #4: Use analytics

You don’t have to guess at what pins are most popular, Pinterest has built in Analytics. See how users are engaging with your pins, demographic information, and your audiences other interests. Don’t make wild guesses on what your pinners like to see, you have the data to prove it. You can even get details on Pinterest activity on your website if you are consistently following Tip #1.

To get started using analytics you will need to have your account converted into a business account.

TIP #5: Use Rich-Pins

I love metadata. Metadata helps sites sort through your content and display the most relevant items to users. In Pinterest you can use rich-pins to apply metadata to your site’s images so that once they are pinned they will automatically have all the descriptions, titles, ingredients, price, etc attached so searchers can find your content. This is an great way to get your pins found in the ever growing ocean of images in Pinterest.

It can get fairly technical in order to apply rich-pins to your content. If you don’t want to get into your website’s code you might want to ask your tech-guy about how to implement rich-pins. If you need help contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help.


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